2024 NM State Fair

*Contact your County Extension Office for updated information.

*Do not use Exhibitor Handbook on State Fair website it is in process of being updated.

NMSF 4-H Indoor Exhibit Classes - Updated information coming soon!

  • 2024 NM State 4-H Indoor Exhibit General Rules

Below is indoor exhibit class information for state fair entries. Contact your County Extension Office with any questions on entries.

  • 2024 NM State Fair Indoor Exhibit Classes
  • Animal Sciences
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Creative Arts
  • Consumer Education and Home Management
  • Family Life
  • Home Economics
  • Horticulture and Agronomy
  • Natural Science
  • Personal Growth and Development
  • 2024 NM State Fair 4-H Booth Rules

Youth Official Information and Application

  • Youth Official Information and Application

Indoor Exhibit Project Resources

NMSF 4-H Indoor Exhibit Results

Congratulations to all our exhibitors in the 4-H Indoor Exhibits. 4-H uses the modified Danish system for judging. This means that the items are judged against each other, but also judged against the standard, therefore, every class may not have a first place and items that are the only one in their class do not automatically receive first. Indoor Exhibits are one learning experiences within the 4-H Project and we are very proud of the quality exhibited by our New Mexico 4-H Youth.

2023 NMSF 4-H Indoor Exhibit Results

2022 NMSF 4-H Indoor Exhibits Results

NMSF Livestock Show

Submissions will be accepted from August TBA.

Click on the link below for more information and to submit your entry.


NMSF Dorm Information 

  • NMSF Dorm Memo
  • NMSF Dorm Rules
  • NMSF Male Dorm Reservation Form 
  • NMSF Female Dorm Reservation Form 

NMSF - Other Competition Opportunities

  • Agricultural Public Speaking and Agriculture Science Fair Information