4-H Hall of Fame

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Sherry Galemore (along with Linda Herrera)

Nominated by: Vera Gibson, Valencia County

Inducted in: 2019

Sherry Galemore and Linda Herrera both started as 4-H Moms in Valencia County. Initially, they both took their own children to club and project meetings but that did not last long. Sherry became a leader for the Bandits 4-H Club in 2005 and was joined by Linda in 2009. They served together until 2015. They have more than 35 years of service- Sherry with 18+ and Linda with 17+. Both women raised 4-H'ers who served on Club, County, and State 4-H Leadership Teams and helped 4-H'ers fulfill their goals of serving in leadership roles.
Ms. Galemore and Ms. Herrera's dedication to 4-H didn't stop there. Both have a passion for the 4-H Dog Project. For more than 16 years, they have been working with 4-H'ers and their dogs. Together they serve as the chairs for the State 4-H Dog School and the State 4-H Dog Show Committees. They coordinate and run the New Mexico 4-H Dog School. From start to finish, these two ladies, along with the other committee members, provide the three-day, hands-on school for 4-H'ers and their dogs. The committee works all year long fundraising and seeking donors to help keep costs low. Although their kids have graduated college and started families of their own, they both stay committed to 4-H and helping other kids succeed.

Esther Garcia

Nominated by: Taos County

Inducted in: 2002

Esther Garcia served as a leader in Questa Achievers 4-H club for more than 22 years. She's taught and guided many 4-H members, leaders, and parents. She's served as a Taos County Fair Board member and fair superintendent. Although retired, she's still active in the Questa Quilt Guild as a founding member.

Ed (Sonny) Garnett

Nominated by: Floyd McAlister - Roosevelt County

Inducted in: 2004

Sonja Gerard

Sonja Gerard of Socorro County

Inducted in: 2007

Sonja Gerard has been the Que Posse 4-H Riders' organizational leader for 21 years. She provided daily riding lessons to members of the Horse Project Club. Not only has Mrs. Gerard served as an instructor for the State 4-H Horse School, but she has also trained Junior Instructors. Mrs. Gerard is willing to help wherever help is needed. From District Horse Shows to Working Ranch Horse Programs, you can count on her for anything from volunteering time to supplying horses. Do you have to own a horse to be in Mrs. Gerard's club? Of course not, she will supply you with one. She has a gigantic heart. If youth have a passion for riding, Gerard will find a way for them to do it. Thank you and Congratulations, Mrs. Gerard.

Benny and Diane Gilbert

Nominated by: Union County

Inducted in: 2002

We honor Diane Gilbert and her late husband, Benny Gilbert, for their years of service to the 4-H programs in Union County. From the time he was a youngster on horseback, Benny was active in livestock judging. He loved to share his lifelong passion for cutting horses, often spending hours showing young 4-H'ers the ropes. Meanwhile, Diane was doing her own leading in 4-H. She juggled her duties as both a hands-on teacher and transport facilitator for her four kids who were active in 4-H.

Robert Gilliland

Nominated by: State 4-H Office

Inducted in: 2002

Long-time Extension administrator and 4-H advocate Robert Gilliland is one of our stellar examples of leadership. From his experience as a 4-H member, Extension agent and later state 4-H program leader, he's an example of dedication and positive principles of this organization. Gilliland led NMSU's Cooperative Extension Service as director for seven years in the mid-1980s and early 1990s before moving on to a top post at Utah State University, where he retired.

Pete Gnatkowski

Nominated by: Marsha Palmer, Lincoln County

Inducted in: 2015

Mr. Gnatkowski started working with 4-H youth in 1983. He coached numerous wool teams that won state and went on to National 4-H Wool Judging in Sonora, TX. He has been instrumental in the Carrizozo FFA Wool Judging Contest since its inception and continues to help every year. He also assisted young 4-H'ers in getting their lamb ready for the Lincoln County Fair, which taught his own kids how to shear their own lambs. Along with his ability to turn sheep into a youth development tool, Mr. Gnatkowski always finds a way to create a positive experience for youth. He never shied away from hard work, especially if it meant helping out a child. Mr. Gnatkowski developed an orienteering program for the statewide Novice camp, as well as taught new volunteers and agents to braid. Mr. Gnatkowski headed the Junior Livestock sale from 1999 to present, taking care of the accounting for each Lincoln County Fair. He continues to volunteer, teach during Ag Days, help during the fair, and do anything else 4-H'ers need help with.

Eugene & Vada Gollehon

Nominated by: Roosevelt County

Inducted in: 2002

The late Gene and Vada Gollehon dedicated 30 years as 4-H leaders in Roosevelt County, guiding hundreds of 4-H'ers, including their own three sons. They spent six years volunteering with Perry 4-H Club in their community, then after moving to Portales, organized Valley 4-H Club, a premier club for years. They always had time and encouragement to spare for 4-H. The inscription on their tombstone reads, "Dedicated to God, Family, and All Youth".

Albert & Denise Gonzales

Nominated by: Jeannie McKinley & Patrick Padilla

Inducted in: 2006

Albert and Denise Gonzales of San Miguel County are Organizational Leaders for the Blue Ribbon Wrangler Club. They also serve as project leaders and play an active role in the county council. Having served as leaders for the past eight years, Mr. and Mrs. Gonzales have exhibited outstanding leadership qualities and maintained a club with over 50 members, increasing membership in the last two years. They have worked with the club to establish scholarships for their graduating seniors and raise money to assist youth in attending statewide events. Though they live 55 miles from town, this couple has maintained the club in Las Vegas, sacrificing time and money to keep the club operating effectively and efficiently. It has been through the nurturing roles and efforts of Albert and Denise Gonzales that the largest 4-H club in the county has continued working by inspiring its members to become leaders. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Gonzales.

Alan Grace

Nominated by: Jewel Waggner

Inducted in: 2006

Alan Grace of San Juan County was the right-hand man of Right Stuff 4-H Club. He would help with anything that was needed - building, repairs, hauling kids and animals, painting, or simply being there. He could always be counted on. Mr. Grace always spoke positively to the members and treated them with respect. They knew they could ask him for help at any time and he would come through. As a result of his involvement, the members learned a lot from him and so did the other adult leaders. Mr. Grace was instrumental in coordinating the annual club camping trip. He had the knowledge and made the time to sit and talk with the members about whatever their interests were. Alan Grace was a gentleman whose heart matched his stature. His impact is still evident in those who worked with him. It is because of his work with children that his legacy will never die. Mr. Grace's posthumous award is being accepted by his wife, Janet Grace.

Bill & Catherine Grandia

Nominated by: Elliot Sachse

Inducted in: 2006

Bill and Catherine Grandia of Bernalillo County. 2006 marks the 40th year of existence of the Riverside 4-H Club in Bernalillo County. The club was founded by Bill and Catherine Grandia, both of whom served as organizational leaders until Mr. Grandia passed away in 2004. Mrs. Grandia has maintained her role as an organizational leader. The Grandia's were instrumental in the groundbreaking of the Bernalillo County 4-H Center in 1965. This building has been used by thousands of youth, volunteers, and Extension personnel to meet, learn, experience new ideas, gain friendships and have fun. The impact of this building has been felt at both the County and State Levels and Mrs. Grandia still serves on the 4-H Building Corporation. Mr. and Mrs. Grandia have touched the lives of countless youth, contributed to the training of numerous 4-H agents and been a guiding force in the Bernalillo County 4-H Program. Thank you, Mrs. Grandia.

Mary Jane Gray

Nominated by: Eddy County

Inducted in: 2002

For many years Mary Jane Gray was co-leader of the Cottonwood 4-H Club in Eddy County with her good friend Marjorie Thigpen. Mary Jane has been a role model for her family on the farm and is thoroughly involved in the community. She may never know the full value of her impact on young lives. Fittingly, her nomination came from a 4-H member in the 1950s, who still remembers what Mrs. Gray meant to her and calls her a "treasure of 4-H".

Lyle and Jackie Greer

Lyle and Jackie Greer of Quay County

Inducted in: 2007

Lyle and Jackie Greer were 4-H leaders in Quay County from 1962-1982. They were very supportive of the 4-H Program and the Quay County Fair. They also kept the club active with community service projects and fundraisers. Mr. Greer donated his semi truck to haul wood, hay, give hay rides, and any other activity. Mrs. Greer provided transportation to and chaperoned numerous county, district and state trips and served as a County Fair Superintendent for 20 years. They owned Valley Feed Store in Tucumcari, NM and also supported 4-H through their business. They raised four sons in the program and have passed the tradition on through their granddaughter who is now an active Quay County 4-Her.

Beatriz Gonzales

Nominated by: Rey Torres - Taos Co.

Inducted in: 2008

Cindy Grooms

Cindy Grooms of Dona Ana County

Inducted in 2010

Mrs. Grooms is an individual who wholeheartedly believes in the 4-H program and knows the positive impact it has on the lives of youth. Mrs. Grooms benefited from 4-H as a youth when she was a member of the Dona Ana County 4-H program for 10 years. She continued her involvement as a leader for over twenty years. Her knowledge, enthusiasm, positivity, and creativity resonate. Mrs. Grooms has a significant impact on 4-H not only at the club and county level, but by conducting educational workshops and serving on planning committees at the state and national level. She challenges members to explore all opportunities of 4-H. She encourages youth to become involved in club, county, and state activities and take on leadership roles fostering youth and adult partnerships. Mrs. Grooms is a valuable asset and 4-H as a whole is very fortunate to have such a talented and dedicated individual involved in the program.