4-H Hall of Fame

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Lorene Lee

Nominated by: San Juan County

Inducted in: 2002

The late Lorene C. Lee formed a 4-H club on the Navajo Reservation near Farmington 25 years ago. She influenced many young people throughout the years, teaching them that they could succeed in anything they set their minds to. She motivated and encouraged members of her Upper Fruitland club to participate in 4-H activities and to try new and different projects. She leaves a legacy of 4-H leaders well-versed in the 4-H motto and creed.

Ray and Betty Lou Leeson

Nominated by: Rio Arriba County

Inducted in: 2002

Rio Arriba County residents are well aware of the many contributions Betty Lou Leeson and her late husband, Ray, have made to 4-H over the past four decades. They include leading the Lindrith Roadrunners 4-H Club, organizing three nearby 4-H clubs and initiating what would become the Sandoval County Fair. Advocates of holistic range management, the couple were also active proponents for wise use of our natural resources.

Don Leonard

Nominated by: Steve Lucero

Inducted in: 2006

"Don Leonard of Sandoval County County Commissioner Don Leonard has had a tremendous influence on 4-H in Sandoval and Bernalillo Counties. He has also impacted the New Mexico State Fair. With over 20 years of service and support, Commissioner Leonard has been instrumental in recruiting buyers to the county livestock sales in Bernalillo and Sandoval Counties as well as serving as a junior livestock buyer himself. Commissioner Leonard also sponsors 4-H events by giving of his time and providing financial support. He has served on the livestock rules committee for six years and the Sandoval County Fair Board for 10 years. In his position as County Commissioner, Mr. Leonard has been instrumental in securing funds to improve 4-H facilities and fairgrounds. Improvements such as a new livestock barn, pens, wash bays and rodeo arena lights have become a reality due to Commissioner Leonard's efforts. Thank you, Commissioner Leonard.

Dee Ann Leyba

Nominated by: McKinley County Extension Office

Inducted in: 2003

Randy and Diane Lieb

Nominated by: Connie Moyers, Roosevelt County.

Inducted in: 2015

Mr. and Mrs. Lieb both grew up as active members in the 4-H program in Roosevelt County and raised their three children in the program as well, getting them involved even before they were old enough to be members. Mrs. Lieb became a 4-H club leader assisting with sewing, baking, canning, and other projects and Mr. Lieb taught welding, judging and livestock. Even upon the completion of their children's careers in 4-H, they continued to be involved in the program. Mrs. Lieb serves as superintendent of the Home Arts Division and for the Cotton Extravaganza at the Roosevelt County Fair for over 15 years. Mr. Lieb volunteers his services as Market Lamb Superintendent assisting the exhibitors with their lambs, managing the entries, classes and sale opportunities. He served on the Roosevelt County Fair Board for 15 years and both are members of the Cooperative Extension Advisory Board. They are founding members of the Roosevelt County Fair Junior Livestock Sale and are active in promoting the sale and fundraising. Mrs. Lieb created the Youth for Youth club in which each 4-H or FFA member who has an animal in the sale donates $25 of his or her sale proceeds to create a buyer's club which is used to purchase a first time member's animal.

Dan & Mary Liesner

Nominated by: Mindy Turner

Inducted in: 2005

The Liesner's have set an example for members, leaders and agents across the state. Dan served as county program director and Extension agent in Lincoln, Otero, and Eddy counties before becoming the Southwest District Extension director. He trained 4-H faculty and supported 4-H at the county, district and state levels. Even after retiring in 2004, Dan is still advising, teaching not only how to do things but why it is important to do them. In addition to being the wife of an agent, a 4-H mom and a teacher, Mary served as a club and 4-H leader for more than 20 years. She has helped numerous 4-H'ers through college by getting them scholarships and giving them encouragement. She has taught young people about record keeping, leadership and citizenship and served as a trip chaperone. Dan and Mary have contributed to 4-H in time, resources and money. Both continue to do so by serving on the New Mexico 4-H Foundation Board.

Ray & Joyce Litherland

Nominated by: Jeannie McKinley & Patrick Padilla

Inducted in: 2005

Ray and Joyce Litherland have been longtime contributors and supporters of the San Miguel County 4-H program. In just five years, the Litherland's have contributed close to $100,000 to 4-H youth, the county fair and other events. They have supported San Miguel County for more than 25 years. They work with individuals and organizations to help improve the lives of others, supporting 4-H programming and members with donations and grants. Many young people from San Miguel County have attended NMSU as a result of their generosity. Their giving spirit has vastly improved the quality of the San Miguel 4-H program and the lives of many people.

June & Gene Locknane

Nominated by: The Dictson's

Inducted in: 2006

W.E. and June Locknane of Curry County June and Gene Locknane were some of the most dedicated 4-H leaders Curry County has ever known. With a combined service of 57 years, the Locknane's provided guidance and encouragement to the members of the Blacktower 4-H Club. Whether it was writing skits or teaching members to sew on a button, which Mrs. Locknane did at the beginning of each 4-H year, this couple motivated youth to achieve their goals and help them acquire skills that would last throughout a lifetime. Mr. Locknane helped them learn to buy, care for, feed and groom their animals. Mrs. Locknane encouraged public speaking through club demonstrations. Mr. and Mrs. Locknane worked endless hours supporting the 4-H program over a 30 year span. Their achievement can be measured in the youth they encouraged to complete record books, serve on State Leadership Teams and become successful men and women. Thank you, Mrs. Locknane.

Gary and Beverly Lockmiller

Gary and Beverly Lockmiller of Curry County

Inducted in: 2007

Gary and Beverly Lockmiller exemplify leadership and volunteerism in its purest and most beneficial form. They served as leaders for the Ranchvale 4-H Club, Mrs. Lockmiller for 16 years and Mr. Lockmiller for seven. They were active in county activities, involving their three children as well as other Curry County youth in many projects. The Lockmiller's donated livestock for practices and contests, worked concession stands and volunteered at rodeos and in between found time to provide transportation to county, district and state events for 4-H youth. They are strong supporters of the Curry County Fair. Volunteers are considered the heart of any 4-H program and for many years, the Lockmiller's kept Curry County's program beating. Thank you and congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Lockmiller.

Eugenio (Gino) Lujan

Eugenio (Gino) Lujan of Guadalupe County

Inducted in: 2011

Mr. Lujan is a retired County Extension Agent who served the NMSU Cooperative Extension Service in both Otero and Guadalupe counties for 29 years. Throughout his career, he served as a 4-H Youth Development Agent, County Agriculture Agent and County Director. Beginning as a 4-H agent in Otero County, Mr. Lujan initiated 4-H clubs on the Apache reservation. He worked to keep Scott Able 4-H Camp in operation. When he moved to Guadalupe County, he saw a need for 4-H and formed the first 4-H club in quite some time Santa Rosa. Gino worked diligently to establish the Guadalupe County Fair in 1990. Through much of his hard work and efforts, that Fair is going strong to this day. His understanding and enthusiasm towards the betterment of youth and the role they play in positive community dynamics is unprecedented. Mr. Lujan genuinely 'likes' people, especially the youth he served, and people 'like' him.

Albert Lyon

Albert Lyon of Sierra County

Inducted in: 2010

Mr. Lyon's steadfast nature and unwavering service to his community will endure as an inspiration for many years to come. The magnitude of his positive influence and commitment to 4-H youth has steadily built over his impressive 28 years of service. Albert began his career with as a Dona Ana County Extension Agent. From there he moved to Sierra County where he continues to serve 4-H youth on a daily basis. Mr. Lyon inspired a generation, or two, of students to accept responsibility, develop strong moral practices and helped them connect and strengthen their families. Over the years, Albert was highly active as a project leader for many 4-H Community Service, Livestock, Horse, and Shooting Sports projects. He has and continues to utilize his passion to cultivate interest and foster youth success in 4-H.