4-H Hall of Fame

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Virginia Mack

Virginia Mack of Colfax County

Inducted in: 2011

Ms Mack's first experience with 4-H was when she joined the Springer Sunshine Club in Colfax County, when she was 11 years old. After an active 4-H career including an interstate exchange with Iowa, she returned to the program in Colfax County by judging county & district contests and county fair projects. When her children were old enough to join 4-H she became a project leader for several projects including sewing. She later became the organizational leader and watched several of her members grow-up and achieve many of their goals. She has always been there to lend a supportive hand, vehicle, house, treats and be a chaperone for many of the out of town programs. Ms. Mack helps out with the 4-H program whenever she can, whether it is helping a young person with a sewing project or judging record books. As a friend once told her, once you get "green" in your blood, it stays there forever! She said, "4-H was a pebble dropped in a pool that extended in an ever-widening circle of my life, and definitely helped make the person I am today."

Debbie Manzanares

Debbie Manzanares, Rio Arriba County

Inducted In: 2013

Debbie Mazanares is one of the nicest and most patient people you will ever meet. She has been a supporter of 4-H for over 15 years. She began her involvement with 4-H as a parent, then became a club leader. Through Ms. Mazanares' great management skills, she led the Mustangs 4-H Club to be the largest club in Rio Arriba County. Her ever giving nature is an example of the heart of 4-H. While her own children are grown and have children of their own, Ms. Manzanares continues to contribute to positive youth development through the 4-H program. She has found great joy in seeing her former 4-H members' children join 4-H, as well as her own grandchildren. Over the years she has led multiple projects as a leader and continues to foster new avenues for the Mustangs 4-H club. She has spent endless hours to gain funding to support local 4-H and FFA activities. Ms. Manzanares has been recognized through the annual 4-H Awards Program with a 15-year pearl pin. Today, we welcome her to the New Mexico 4-H Hall of Fame. 

Dorothy Marks

Nominated by: The Dictson's

Inducted in: 2006

Dorothy Marks of Curry County Mrs. Leon (Dorothy) Marks was the leader of the Cloverettes 4-H Club in Curry County for 38 years. She encouraged her club members to complete every project they signed up for, going so far as to have workshops at her home for each project. She motivated each member to exhibit their projects at Achievement Days and Fairs and to get involved in contests and other 4-H activities. Cloverettes brought home many awards each year. Mrs. Marks was always willing to help a child, including being transportation for all the 4-H activities. Dorothy Marks lived and breathed 4-H for over three decades and countless young people are better citizens today as a result of her nurturing them. Mrs. Marks' posthumous award is being accepted by her son Butch Marks and daughter Kay Locke. Thank you, Mr. Marks, and Mrs. Locke.

Gene Marshall

Gene Marshall of Roosevelt County

Inducted in 2010

Gene Marshall, a farmer's wife and mother of five children, was a 4-H leader from the mid 1950s until the late 1960s in Portales, Roosevelt County, New Mexico. The 4-H club she led was named the "Hustlers 4-H Club." As a 4-H leader she mentored children of farm families and children whose families were involved in agriculture in some way but lived or had jobs in town. She treated all her members and their parents with respect and expected the same from each of the members. In return they loved her and wanted her approval. Mrs. Marshall has also been very active in all aspects of her church. She has also been a member of the Extension Homemaker clubs, serving in club, county and state officer positions. Mrs. Marshall still does her part in volunteering and participating in the county fair.

Sheila Massey

Nominated by: Kelcie & Bobbie Orphey

Inducted in: 2006

Sheila Massey of Hidalgo County Sheila Massey has been a dedicated 4-H leader in Hidalgo County for over 25 years. For 20 of those years she served has organizational leader for the Cotton City 4-H Club before passing the torch to her daughter. Ms. Massey taught 4-Hers to sew, bake, write speeches, conduct demonstrations and even helped with a few animal projects. Her kind, caring demeanor and encouraging personality have played a large part in the youth she works with becoming 4-H Leaders as adults. If there is an event with 4-Hers, Ms. Massey is there to support the members and her fellow leaders in making the best. New Mexico has many outstanding youth in the 4-H program, this is due largely to 4-H Leaders such as Sheila Massey who constantly strive to "Make the Best Better". Thank you, Ms. Massey.

Floyd McAlister

Nominated by: Patrick Kircher

Inducted in: 2006

Floyd McAlister of Roosevelt County Floyd McAlister has been a life long resident and contributor to Roosevelt County. There is no doubt that Mr. McAlister has had a commitment to the 4-H Program. He was an active 4-H member himself, even receiving a trip to National 4-H Congress. Mr. McAlister has dedicated his 21 year career to making Roosevelt County a better place and providing it's citizens the most accurate information possible. He believes in the 4-H program and strives to make sure that it is cared for and managed in a manner that benefits children all across the county. He does whatever is necessary to make things work - from driving the tractor at the 4-H Rodeo to announcing the junior livestock shows at the fair. McAlister is dedicated to the 4-H Program and supplies support that makes the program successful, as evidenced in Roosevelt County. Thank you, Mr. McAlister.

Norbert McCaw

Nominated by: Mindy Turner

Inducted in: 2006

Norbert McCaw of Eddy County has served as a 4-H leader for over 20 years. For the past 15 years, he has served as Chairman of the Southern New Mexico 4-H Foundation Board taking leadership of the Scott Able 4-H Camp. The 4-H Program and this camp are truly passions for Mr. McCaw. He has given countless hours to preserving the integrity and history of Scott Able in order to provide a quality camping experience for young people across New Mexico. Norbert has served as a role model to many 4-H members and Extension personnel by encouraging them to be a part of the camping experience and serve on the board. New Mexico 4-H has been honored by his service and dedication. Thank you, Mr. McCaw.

Larry and Penny McDaugale

Larry and Penny McDaugale of Cibola County

Inducted in: 2011

Larry and Penny McDaugale have been involved in the Cibola County 4-H program for over 25 years. They started because their children got involved and then they became a club leader, project leader and all-round volunteer for the 4-H program. Mr. and Mrs. McDaugale have "babysat" kids, pigs, and sometimes nervous parents, hauled all kinds of animals to all kinds of places to help the 4-H members of Cibola county! Once their own children were grown and moved on they were less active for a little while. Now, Mrs. McDaugale is a club leader because she wanted local kids to have the chance to be part of 4-H. She raises pigs, runs a silent auction in the spring for 4-H members, and is a big part of the 4-H program in Cibola county. If our program needs anything you can count on her!

Marge McKeen

Nominated by: Catron County

Inducted in: 2002

Catron County's Margie McKeen has helped guide the San Francisco Valley 4-H Club in Glenwood for almost 40 years. She has a lasting impact on hundreds of young people, volunteering at horse schools, serving on committees, and assisting in leading the McKeen Ranch Days. A valued member of the Extension Support Council, Margie is a marvelous advocate for 4-H and agriculture in general.

Sally McLaughlin

Nominated by: Sandoval County Extension Service

Inducted in: 2022

Sally McLaughlin, fondly known as “Miss Sally”, has been a dedicated 4-H sewing leader in Sandoval County for the past 10 years. Miss Sally has guided and encouraged youth in making transformation dresses, traditional Navajo blankets, show shirts, yoga outfits and outerwear. Because of her leadership, the Sandoval County 4-H program has received donations of sewing machines and supplies. She mentors and serves as a role model to countless youths. One of McLaughlin's 4-H youth won first place in Fashion Revue at the Western National 4-H Roundup.

Joni Miller

Nominated by: Grant County Extension Office

Inducted in: 2003

Genora Moore

Nominated by: Imelda Garcia - Santa Fe County Ext.

Inducted in: 2004

Charles and Viola Metheny

Charles and Viola Metheny of Bernalillo County

Inducted in: 2007

Charles and Viola Metheny believe the most significant thing about the 4-H experience is helping and watching youth grow into productive adult citizens in their community. Mrs. Metheny is a lifelong 4-Her, having played an active role in the program for 56 years as a member and leader. As a club leader, she would follow up with every family to be sure they were doing okay with their projects. She would encourage them to participate in other county events to take advantage of what 4-H offers to build leadership, organization, public speaking, and citizenship skills. Mr. Metheny was also a great supporter. He was ready to help where needed, which included building and taking down booths, sweeping and mopping floors, and all those 4-H fair clean-up days. Mr. & Mrs. Metheny also hosted many IFYE delegates from other countries. Today, they have "come full circle" as their daughters have started a 4-H club of their own. Thank you and congratulations Mr & Mrs Metheny.

Bob Morgan

Bob Morgan of Quay County

Inducted in: 2007

Bob Morgan is best known around the state as the Quay County 4-H Rodeo Arena Director, a position he held for over twenty years. He is still active with organizing the rodeo, negotiating the stock contract and making sure rules are followed. Mr. Morgan offers his own personal arena for 4-Hers to practice in and annually donates hay and feed for the rodeo stock. He was one of the initiators of the State 4-H Horse Show and has worked to put on a quality horse show for 46 years. Mr. Morgan has seen a lot of changes in his time and is often the person that makes others stop and look at the whole picture before making decisions. He has worked tirelessly to improve fair facilities while serving on the County Fair Board and helped start the Quay County 4-H Memorial Scholarship.

Cecil & Lilly Joy Moon

Nominated by: Carolyn Franklin & Janet Griffiths - Quay Co.

Inducted in: 2008

Brenda Montoya

Brenda Montoy of Sandoval County

Inducted in 2009

Brenda Montoya has a vision of providing youth with lifelong opportunities. Ms. Montoya is the hub of the Jemez Mountain Stallions 4-H Club, located in the Jemez Valley, where youth participate from six rural communities and two Native American Pueblos. The Jemez Valley is a rural community where horse and rodeo are very popular. Pairing her membership with the San Ysidro Rodeo Committee and her love of 4-H, Ms. Montoya was instrumental in planning youth rodeos, barrel racing series, gymkhana, and roping workshops. Ms. Montoya in her capacity as a project leader and now as an organizational leader has helped raise moneys to sponsor 4-H members to attend County, District and State events. Youth, who otherwise would not be able to attend, have had hands-on training at horse school, livestock school, rodeos, horseshows, and many contests. Ms. Montoya has been a 4-H leader in Sandoval County for eleven years. Through her hard work and effort youth have learned to appreciate their communities' culture and traditions. The motivation and enthusiasm that Ms. Montoya sets forth has carried over to the 4-H members "to make the best better."