4-H Hall of Fame

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Walter Wade

Nominated by: Otero County

Inducted in: 2002

The late Walter Wade served as Otero County Extension agent for almost 30 years, and youth today still benefit from his hard work and dedication to the 4-H program. He was on the committee to develop and build a permanent camp site in southern New Mexico for 4-H members, today's Scott Able Camp, which was dedicated in May 1950. Walter dedicated his time to improving the quality of life for countless youth through education, resourcefulness and dedication.

Peggy Warren

Nominated by: Jack Scott - San Juan County

Inducted in: 2003

Pat & Bud Webster

Nominated by: Sharon Young

Inducted in: 2004

Don and Revae Wells

Nominated by: Bernalillo County

Inducted in: 2002

Don and Revae Wells began as Bernalillo County 4-H leaders in 1960 and spent more than 40 years as active supporters. They were organizational leaders of the Arrowhead 4-H Club. Don became chairman of the Bernalillo County 4-H Rodeo Committee and rodeo announcer in the late 1970s, positions he held until his death in November 2001. Don and Revae consistently helped get sponsors for the 4-H Rodeo. Their daughter and son-in-law now both serve on the 4-H Rodeo Committee.

Ervin "Pete" Walls

Ervin "Pete" Walls of Quay County

Inducted in 2009

Mr. Pete Walls, a longtime resident of Quay County, a Korean War veteran, and outstanding 4-H volunteer for many years, truly deserves the recognition of being honored as a member of the New Mexico 4-H Hall of Fame. He raised his children in New Mexico 4-H, and continues to give youth the necessary life tools by learning from project work. Pete, as he is known to all, is a man who has devoted countless hours to youth by instructing them with knowledge about the cattle industry, and its many components. Although, he doesn't serve on boards and committees, he prefers to help 4-H youth by staying out of the lime light. Mr. Walls believes in the 4-H member doing the project, not others, and prepares 4-Hers to handle challenges associated with completing the project. Mr. Walls assists 4-Hers with evaluating and selecting beef projects, nutrition, and grooming, and stays connected to families through his work with them. For many, 4-H members and their families, Mr. Walls often times becomes a member of the family. But, his presence in the Quay county 4-H and FFA programs often goes further. He is known to travel great distances to members' homes to help them in a time of need, and asks nothing in return. Mr. Walls believes that payment comes in the form of smiles, and he certainly receives many of those.

Sam and Merita Wilson

Sam and Merita Wilson of Dona Ana County

Inducted in 2010

For the past 12 years, Sam and Merita Wilson have bled green! Together, they have volunteered countless hours to the New Mexico 4-H Program, and it doesn't look like there is an end in sight. They open their home and their hearts to 4-H'ers in Dona Ana County. Mrs. Wilson has served as an Organizational Leader for the Hatch Hot Poppers 4-H Club for many years now, and Mr. Wilson is always right there behind her helping where she tells him to. They have raised four of their five children through the 4-H Program, and even though all of their children are no longer in the program, they continue to volunteer where needed. From serving as club leaders, judges, contest superintendents, project leaders, advisory members, event chaperones, and so much more, they can always be found at some 4-H event around the state. Unofficially, they serve as Ambassadors for the 4-H Program by constantly encouraging youth to join.

Jewell Maxine Wilhoit

Jewell Maxine Wilhoit of Roosevelt County

Inducted in 2010

Mrs. Wilhoit joined 4-H when she was 9 years old, in 1933. She took every project she could. As an adult she became a leader a few years before her own children were old enough to join 4-H. She helped other children as well as her own with projects ranging from cooking to gardening and horse projects. And of course she was there to help with the dreaded record books, even staying up with the kids all night if necessary to get them finished and ready to turn in the next day. Mrs. Wilhoit continued the 4-H journey into the next generation with her grandchildren. Her daughters, sons, granddaughters, great grandkids and countless 4-H youth have enjoyed the ride that she has taken them on through the 4-H experience.

Jeff and Janet Witte

Nominated by: Rick Richardson of Dona Ana County

Inducted in: 2019

Jeff and Janet Witte have made many contributions to the New Mexico 4-H Program. Mr. Witte is the current New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture and Janet is a program specialist for the Southwest Border Protection and Emergency Preparedness Center. They have two children who were 4-H members, and although both kids are grown, they continue to support 4-H in multiple ways. They have been 4-H members, 4-H leaders, New Mexico 4-H Foundation Directors, fair superintendents and 4-H parents.
They were instrumental in continuing the Jess Halloway Memorial Golf tournament to raise money for the NM4-H Foundation to be used for National 4-H Congress or National 4-H Conference and scholarships. Their creativity also helped 4-H clubs raise funds through preparing emergency first aid animal bags for county agents and vocational-ag teachers.
Mr. and Mrs. Witte make sure the Southern New Mexico State Fair Junior Livestock Sale is a success, bringing buyers and 4-H/FFA members together to recognize their accomplishments. They help supply county extension offices with educational materials and instructors for programs, such as Kids, Kows, and More, Ag Days and numerous other agricultural awareness programs.
Jeff sets up an audience with the Governor of New Mexico during 4-H Day at the Roundhouse, where the 4-H Leadership Team can interact with the governor.
Jeff and Janet Witte have stepped up to the 4-H plate every time they have been asked. They do it with dedication and love for the 4-H program and for the youth in the program.

Fran Welch

Fran Welch, Roosevelt County

Inducted In: 2013

Fran Welch gave her time, talents, and energy to the Roosevelt County 4-H program as a volunteer leader for nearly 15 years. Ms. Welch's career in 4-H began as a young girl involved in baking and sewing projects as well as showing steers in Chaves County alongside her brothers. As an adult, she became a 4-H parent in 1986 and the 'fast-paced' 4-H adventures started. She was highly involved in both Valley 4-H Club and the Rodeo & Show Club, starting out as a parent and eventually being a club leader for 10 years. Ms. Welch's involvement in promoting horse-related activities in Roosevelt County, thru shows, playdays, rodeos, clinics, etc., saw Roosevelt County's participation increase in 4-H horse events throughout the state. Roosevelt County hosted a horse show each year, drawing contestants from various counties throughout the state. She spent countless hours planning, preparing and fine tuning the events she was coordinator of. Her dedication to the 4-H program in Roosevelt County and New Mexico as a parent, leader, and volunteer is part of the strong history of our program. We welcome Fran Welch into the New Mexico 4-H Hall of Fame.