4-H Hall of Fame

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Harry & Nancy Teague

Nominated by: Lea County Extension Office

Inducted in: 2004

Marjorie Thigpen

Nominated by: Eddy County

Inducted in: 2002

Eddy County's Marjorie Belle Funk Thigpen can trace her 4-H roots back more than eight decades. She was a member of Cottonwood 4-H Club from the age of 8, which swept her through her high school years and onward to some 22 years as a 4-H leader. One of her key contributions has been her service as director of the Eddy County Fair Board and as a judge, particularly for dress revues and clothing projects."

Richard and Gloria Thomen

Richard and Gloria Thomen of Dona Ana County

Inducted in: 2011

Richard and Gloria Thomen are the club leaders for the Valle Verde 4-H Club in Dona Ana County. They have served in this capacity for the past 15 years. They have given countless hours of their time and spent personal funds to see the members they impact flourish and grow into great individuals. They have assisted numerous 4-H'ers with their projects and given them the boost they need to succeed. In addition to being club and project leaders, they have worked in collaboration with another club leader to start the Dona Ana County Novice Fun Fest. They have continued to assist with the program in the years following its creation, bringing fresh ideas and fun learning activities to the youth in the county. They have also served as contest superintendents, chaperones, team coaches, contest judges, advisors for leadership teams and fair boards. They are always the first to raise their hands when a volunteer is needed and they never back down from a challenge. They believe in the 4-H program and what it represents for they have seen firsthand what it can do for a child.

Deanna Thornton

Nominated by: Norbert McCaw

Inducted in: 2005

Deanna has been a great asset to the 4-H program in Otero County and southern New Mexico by serving on the Otero Fair Board and the Southern New Mexico 4-H Club Foundation. During her time in 4-H, she has been a member, a leader and the treasurer for the Otero Fair. For 30 years, Deanna has owned Scott Able 4-H Camp, providing an outdoor mountain experience to thousands of children. Her love for this camp has enabled her to give young people from across New Mexico lifelong 4-H memories.

Gene & Barbara Thornton

Nominated by: Patrick Torres

Inducted in: 2005

The Thorntons have had a significant role in Santa Fe County 4-H program for almost 20 years. In 1986, Gene began a four-year term as chairman of the fair board. He accomplished many things in this position, including gaining county support to construct a county fair building and small animal barn. He also organized a buyers club. Gene is a charter member of the Santa Fe County Farm and Livestock Bureau. Before moving to Santa Fe, he was the Extension agent in Otero County from 1971 to 1981. Barbara became involved as the sheep superintendent for seven years. It wasn't long until the Thorntons took over as organizational leaders for the Four Seasons 4-H Club in 1987. Since then, they have continued to contribute to the buyers club, purchase animals from the Junior Livestock Sale, serve as record book judges, donate to the Kids & Kows & More educational program and allow their ranch to be used for shooting sports training and contests. Because of their generosity, the Santa Fe County 4-H Council awarded them the Meritorious Award in 2003.

Iven Thygerson

Nominated by: Hidalgo County

Inducted in: 2002

The late Iven Thygerson grew up as a 4-H member in Hidalgo County in the 1930s. During World War II, 4-H and the county fair ceased to operate; Iven was instrumental in helping to revive both in the 1950s. For more than 20 years he served as a club and boys project leader for livestock, poultry, horses, gardening, field crops and talent contests. He organized the Hidalgo County Fair's livestock and 4-H horse show and served on the board for more than 30 years. He also served on the Hidalgo County 4-H Council and on county and state advisory boards.

Ed Tinsley

Nominated by: Steve Paternoster

Inducted in: 2003

Donna Townsend

Nominated by: Sheila Massey - Hidalgo County

Inducted in: 2003

Jan Tomko

Jan Tomko of San Juan County

Inducted in 2009

Jan Tomko of San Juan County has dedicated her leadership skills to the 4-H program. Even though she is a retired 4-H Extension Agent, she still serves as an advisor, encouraging kids and assisting them with their projects. She has made a difference in the lives of many 4-Hers and volunteers. She encourages them to try new things and get involved in a variety of projects while guiding them toward opportunities to take on leadership roles. The county is thankful to her for her support and expertise. One member stated: "I remember on my sewing project, I was making a native outfit, and I didn't think I could do it or finish it, but with her believing I could do it, I finished my project." Mrs. Tomko helped to start the sewing workshop at Bernina Sewing Center. She also went out of her way to help with fundraising so 4-Hers could travel to Washington D.C. for Citizenship Washington Focus. This year Mrs. Tomko volunteered her time at the county fair, dog show, and also helped out at the sewing workshop. Always willing to help, she is missed by parents and youth in her role as Extension Agent. We have been fortunate to see all the lives she has touched with her patience and understanding. Mrs. Tomko is unable to join us today, but her plaque is being accepted on her behalf by her son Jason Tomko.

Edward Trujillo

Edward Trujillo of Sandoval County

Inducted in 2010

Edward is the organizational leader for the Jemez Valley Mustangs 4-H Club. Mr. Trujillo has been involved with 4-H for 7 years and the club leader for 3 years. He spends countless hours with the youth working on leather craft, ceramics and livestock projects. Mr. Trujillo has a soft and kind way of encouraging his club members to participate in county workshops such as canning, sewing, and roping. He attends these workshops ready to help wash dishes, mop, pick up trash, set up tables and help anywhere he is needed. Mr. Trujillo's enthusiasm about 4-H inspires the youth to "learn by doing" and value their community.