4-H Hall of Fame

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Karin Vallo

Nominated by: Steve Lucero

Inducted in: 2006

Karin Vallo of Sandoval County Karin Vallo was nominated for the 4-H Hall of Fame by Sandoval County 4-H because of her over 25 years of commitment to the program. Ms. Vallo started the first 4-H club in Sandoval County and has continued to serve 4-H ever since. Whether in her role as club leader or as Fair Board member, Ms. Vallo supports and encourages 4-H youth throughout the county. She donates poultry and rabbits for youth to use as projects and assists with fundraising for members and leaders to travel to forums and conferences. Ms. Vallo was one of the original founders of the Rio Puerco Basin Fair which evolved into the Sandoval County Fair we know today. She not only serves as a junior livestock buyer, but formed a buyers club to expand the support of 4-H members with livestock projects. Her family's construction company has been responsible for building much of the infrastructure at the fairgrounds. Thank you, Ms. Vallo.

Daniel & Kelly Vallo

Nominated by: Steve Lucero & Rudy Benavidez - Sandoval Co.

Inducted in: 2008

Bill and Louise Van Huss

Nominated by: Shelly Hathorn - San Juan Co.

Inducted in: 2019

Bill and Louise Van Huss are always there to assist and support the San Juan County 4-H program. Their generous financial contributions have allowed the county to send 4-H members to national contests, leadership events, and numerous other 4-H activities as well as providing much needed and appreciated equipment to help 4-H run smoothly.
For the past 15 years, Mr. Van Huss has been involved in the San Juan County Fair as department head of the lamb barn. Mrs. Van Huss also assists each year during the lamb show to make sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. She has served as an organizational leader for the Silver Dollar 4-H Club for well over 20 years and has been a County 4-H Council advisor for the past five years helping to plan and conduct events such as 4-H Day Camp, officer trainings, the County Awards program and County Contests. She also serves as a county-wide scrapbooking project leader, helping members prepare their projects for the County Fair, and has helped judge 4-H Record books for a number of years. On the state level, Mrs. Van Huss readily volunteers to chaperone events such as Youth Get-Away, Senior Leadership Retreat and other activities.
Mr. and Mrs. Van Huss have certainly devoted a large portion of their lives as San Juan County 4-H parents, leaders, and volunteers. San Juan County 4-H is fortunate to have such a dynamic, caring couple in the wings.

Roy Vaughan

Nominated by: State 4-H Office

Inducted in: 2002

A two-time New Mexico State University graduate, Roy Vaughan was an Extension agent in Hidalgo County and Extension Director in Catron County. In 1987 he joined the State 4-H Office as agriculture and natural resources specialist. He organized the Suzanne Norton Jones 4-H Horse School and a whole barnyard of livestock project schools that helped thousands of 4-H'ers, so many that one of his retirement presents was a quilt made entirely with livestock school T-shirts as blocks. But Roy isn't content to rest for long. He and his wife, Patsy, continue to support 4-H, volunteering to help with shooting sports projects.

Raymond Vigil

Nominated by: Phyllis Zimmerman - Taos County

Inducted in: 2003

Willie Glen (Bill) & Edna Ibedell Vinzant

Willie (Bill) & Edna Vinzant of Roosevelt County

Inducted in 2012

Mr. Vinzant joined his first 4-H club in 1911. He began his 4-H career with a swine project and was given two pigs by an uncle in trade for labor. Mrs. Vinzant also joined 4-H as a young girl and was an active member of the Tomato Canning 4-H Club. In adulthood, Mr. Vinzant accepted the position of Harding County Extension Agent and the Vinzants enjoyed working with the youth and adults in Harding County. In 1934 they moved to Roosevelt County where Mr. Vinzant served as a county extension agent until retirement in 1964. The Vinzants actively promoted leadership activities at the club, district, state and national level. They were instrumental in establishing the Roosevelt County Fairgrounds and Scott Able 4-H Camp. They introduced their two children and six grandchildren to the 4-H program. The family has been very active in 4-H for four generations with their three oldest great grandchildren now in the program. They both lived and practiced what they learned as 4-H members, leaders and agents in the Extension Service. We feel that these two pioneers in the 4-H program are very deserving of a place in the New Mexico 4-H Hall of Fame. Accepting this award on their behalf is Connie Moyer. Thank you, Connie Moyer.