4-H Hall of Fame

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Richard and Shawn Hadley

Richard and Shawn Hadley of Curry County

Inducted in: 2007

Richard and Shawn Hadley both grew up in the Curry County 4-H Program. Mr. Hadley was a member of Texico 4-H and Mrs. Hadley was a member of Ranchvale 4-H Club and the Center Girls 4-H Club. They have continued the family tradition by raising their two girls in the 4-H Program. Since 1983 and 1984 respectively, Mr. and Mrs. Hadley have served as leaders for Curry County 4-H, taking over the Texico 4-H Club even before their children were old enough to join. They are active in the Curry County Parent Leader Association and Mr. Hadley has served as an officer for the New Mexico Cooperative Extension Service Support Council. Mr. and Mrs. Hadley are quoted as saying, "The best part of being involved in 4-H was being there for guidance so you can watch the kids grow up into leaders and accomplish their goals." Thank you and Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Hadley.

Johnnye Hammet

Nominated by: Dona Ana County

Inducted in: 2002

Johnnye Hammet touched the lives of many 4-H'ers during two 4-H leader "careers" from 1956 to 1977 and again from 1985 to 1995. She made sure every 4-H'er gave back to the community through some type of community service. Johnnye believes that exposure to the world beyond a 4-H member's home helps them grow as a person, and she helped many members get involved at the state and national levels. She has been at the forefront of Hatch Valley 4-H for three generations and is still ready to lend a hand, a ride, a dollar, or just some advice to the newest 4-H'ers who are lucky enough to get to know her.

John Hampton

Nominated by: State 4-H Office and Catron County

Inducted in: 2002

Few have contributed to New Mexico's 4-H program as much as John Hampton. An innovator and leader, he served as a dynamic county agent in both Quay and Catron counties, before moving on to lead the state 4-H department for three years. Now retired, he can look back on a marvelous series of accomplishments, including helping develop NMSU's Range Improvement Task Force, initiating several beef cattle programs for Catron County's ranchers and promoting a statewide 4-H rodeo and horse curriculum.

Janie Hardin

Janie Hardin, Roosevelt County

Inducted In: 2013

Janie Hardin worked at the New Mexico Christian Children's Home and was a leader for their 4-H Club, the Shooting Stars, becoming involved in the 4-H program on the club level, then on to the county, district, state, and National level as well. Mrs. Hardin's quiet nature and servant's heart allowed her to reach those children at the New Mexico Christian Children's Home who were not traditional 4-H members, getting them involved in the program throughout her twenty year tenure. They learned by her example of service and the kind words of encouragement that she always spoke. To this day many people who have been affiliated with the Children's Home, staff, house parents, kids and other volunteers, appreciate the positive influence she has made in their lives. Janie Hardin has been and continues to be a silent influence in the lives of countless children and adults. The impact that she has made in the lives of children will continue to ripple for generations to come. There is nothing more important to Mrs. Hardin than to make the life of others better. We welcome Janie Hardin into the New Mexico 4-H Hall of Fame.

Don and Cheryl Hartman

Don and Cheryl Hartman of Luna County

Inducted in 2010

Don and Cheryl Hartman are lifelong Farmers and supporters of Agriculture in Luna County. This is what makes them excellent 4-H project leaders and supporters of youth programs in New Mexico. Mr. and Mrs. Hartman saw a need for a Shooting Sports coach and volunteered to take on the task. They have now completed their tenth year as shooting coaches and in that time frame qualified two national teams and numerous state and district winners. The reason for their success is that they work as a team and communicate their goals and ideas to the youth and everyone involved in the Shooting Sports project. They spend countless hours volunteering in Luna County and supporting the youth by providing ideas and then following up by providing the necessary means for youth to excel in life. We are blessed in Luna County to have these two leaders working together "To Make the Best Better"!

Anna Merrell Hatch

Nominated by: Hidalgo County

Inducted in: 2002

Anna Hatch helped resurrect 4-H in Virden, Hidalgo County, in the 1950s after it had ceased to operate during World War II. She was a 4-H member in the 1920s, and as an adult she helped rebuild it into a thriving organization for local youth. She headed many 4-H projects, including clothing, food, family life skills, gardening and crafts. She also helped out at the Hidalgo County Fair as an Extension Homemakers Club member.

Gary Hathorn

Gary Hathorn of San Juan County

Inducted in 2010

As a former 4-H and Agricultural Agent for over thirty years in New Mexico, everyone that has been in contact with Gary Hathorn can attest to his dedication to the 4-H program. Mr. Hathorn has helped shape the program into what it is today! He has worked with countless members and has been instrumental in helping them become productive citizens. You can't go anywhere in the state that has not been impacted by Mr. Hathorn through the 4-H program. He has been an invaluable resource for many young 4-H agents and has guided them into being leaders of the program today. Mr. Hathorn continues to work with 4-H youth even after retirement in all aspects of the program in San Juan County and is very deserving of this honor. He exemplifies what a 4-H "Hall of Fame" inductee is all about!

Paul Hay

Nominated by: Woods Houghton, Eddy County

Inducted in: 2015

Mr. Hay served as the 4-H agent or assistant agent for Eddy County from 1957 to 1967. He was dedicated to youth development. Although it has been 47 years since he was the county agent in Eddy County, he is still remembered for the high standards that he set. From 1978 to 1988, he served as the Southeast District Director. He recruited and helped many young agents work in 4-H, instilling in each of them the Extension Workers Creed. He constantly encouraged agents with a kind word, a note of "that a boy", but he had of way of bringing about correction in such a caring way that the agent knew he had a genuine interest in the success of the agent and the program. Mr. Hay is admired by his peers as commanding one of the best 4-H program in the state during his time with Eddy County, having more kids, doing more activities, and winning more awards. Even in his retirement, he continued to work to promote and grow the New Mexico 4-H program.

Owaissa Heimann

Nominated by: Union County

Inducted in: 2002

Owaissa Crites Heimann worked for nearly 4 years with the Union County Extension office as 4-H and home demonstration agent, and later as home economist. Since her retirement 15 years ago, she's continued to serve as a leader in the Amistad TNT 4-H Club, as superintendent of the county fair and as judge for various 4-H contests. She helped start 4-H Sunday and the Banner Club in Union County. She's also spearheaded the annual leaders award banquet, the outstanding senior achievement awards and the Creative Fun for 9-Year-Olds program.

Linda Herrera (along with Sherry Galemore)

Nominated by: Vera Gibson, Valencia County

Inducted in: 2019

Sherry Galemore and Linda Herrera both got their start as 4-H Moms in Valencia County. Initially, they both just took their own children to club and project meetings but that did not last long. Sherry became a leader for the Bandits 4-H Club in 2005 and was joined by Linda in 2009 where they served together until 2015. Together..they have more than 35 years of service - Sherry with 18+ and Linda with 17+. Both women raised 4-H'ers who served on Club, County, and State 4-H Leadership Teams and helped several other 4-H'ers fulfil their goals of serving in leadership roles as well.
Ms. Galemore and Ms. Herrera's dedication to 4-H didn't stop there. Both have a passion for the 4-H Dog Project. For more than 16 years, they have been working with 4-H'ers and their dogs from across New Mexico. Together they serve as the chairs for the State 4-H Dog School and the State 4-H Dog Show Committees. They prepare, coordinate and run the New Mexico 4-H Dog School. From start to finish, these two ladies, along with the other committee members, provide the three day, hands on, school for 4-H'ers and their dogs. The committee works all year long, fund raising and seeking donors to help keep the costs low. Although their kids have grown up, graduated college, and started families of their own, they both stay committed to 4-H and helping other kids succeed.

Evertt and Flora Hesser

Evertt C. and Flora Hesser of San Juan County

Inducted in: 2007

Evertt and Flora Hesser moved to San Juan County in 1956. They raised four children on their farm and became involved with the county fair through their son who was active in 4-H and FFA. Soon they were helping every 4-Her in the swine barn. Mrs. Hesser would sit in her lawn chair and offer advice to anyone that needed help, even as her health began to fail she was there, and her presence was felt in the barn long after her passing in 1997. Mr. Hesser became known for quality swine which he often donated to youth who could not otherwise afford to show - helping them raise the animals by teaching nutrition, health and showmanship. Mr. and Mrs. Hesser worked to ensure that no obstacle stopped a youth that wished to show and excel. Mr. Hesser passed away in 2006, but he and his wife passed on a love of 4-H and the fair to their children and grandchildren all of whom now volunteer or exhibit through 4-H.

John Hinrichs

Nominated by: Grant County

Inducted in: 2002

John Hinrichs was the Grant County Extension agricultural agent for over 30 years. During that time the 4-H program grew from 2 to 13 clubs. He helped make major improvements at the Grant County fairgrounds, including establishment of a building for 4-H clubs and the 4-H Council to hold meetings. John trained many winning livestock judging teams. He's also taught 4-H members skills ranging from horsemanship and wildlife to survival in the wilderness.

Ed Hitson

Nominated by: Hidalgo County

Inducted in: 2002

The late Ed Hitson was always willing to go the extra mile to help 4-H'ers during his 30 years as Hidalgo County Extension agent. He started the county's 4-H program and taught numerous children fairness, honesty, humility, patience and dedication through example. He devoted his life to the service and success of others, helping 4-H members develop the confidence and integrity to become today's leaders.

Larry Hobson

Larry Hobson of Chaves County

Inducted in: 2009

Larry Hobson is no stranger to New Mexico 4-H. He was involved in 4-H from a young age showing sheep not only in Chaves County but on the state level as well. As time went on, Mr. Hobson became a club leader in Chaves County starting the South Springs 4-H club with his wife, Judy, in 1983. Mr. Hobson has a passion for youth, especially those involved in agriculture. He has worn many hats since becoming involved with 4-H. Besides serving as a volunteer leader, Mr. Hobson has served as President of the Chaves County 4-H and FFA fair board since 1985 and the Eastern New Mexico State fair board since 2000. He is a strong believer that every child should have the opportunity to show off their projects after a summer of hard work. Mr. Hobson is a firm believer in the overall Extension Program. He has served as a Chaves County Advisory committee member; Past President of the Extension Support Council; as well as a member of the Director of Extension search committee. Mr. Hobson has received the Chaves County 4-H Alumni, Honorary, and Meritorious awards for his unparalleled service to the Chaves County 4-H program. He also received the Distinguished Service Award from the College of Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences. Today, we recognize his outstanding service to the New Mexico 4-H Program.

Susan Holder

Nominated by: State 4-H Office

Inducted in: 2002

Now the program leader for 4-H Youth Development at Mississippi State University, Susan Holder is a 4-H success story from New Mexico. Growing up, this Union County 4-H'er won trips to national Club Congress and traveled to Denmark. She first joined the New Mexico State University staff as a housing specialist. She returned as a program leader for 4-H and Youth Development in 1985, piloting national projects, coordinating statewide retreats and the State 4-H Horse School and advising 4-H Congress delegates and state officers.

Jesse Holloway

Nominated by: State 4-H Office

Inducted in: 2004

Elberta Honstein

Nominated by: Rio Arriba County

Inducted in: 2002

Elberta Honstein started the Jo-Gi-Ro 4-H Club in Rio Arriba County in 1961 and served as the organizational leader until 1974. After that, she continued to help kids with the entomology project for years, earning the fond local title of "bug lady". From 1991 to 1998 Elberta was co-leader of a new club that included her grand-daughters as charter members. She is a charter member of the New Mexico 4-H Foundation and served as its second president.

Benny House

Nominated by: Otero County Extension Office

Inducted in: 2004

David and Mary Howard

Nominated by: Christina Turner

Inducted in: 2015

For David and Mary Howard, Santa Fe County 4-H is truly a family affair. Mr. and Mrs. Howard became interested in 4-H and the county fair when their son, Clay, was a booster member of the Four Seasons 4-H Club. Their daughter, Elizabeth, became a 4-H'er and their commitment continued. They have been an integral part of 4-H in Santa Fe County as leaders of Four Seasons 4-H Club. Mr. Howard dedicated time and energy serving as a Santa Fe County Fair Board Member and both of them served as 4-H Booster Club leaders. Even though both their children have aged out of the 4-H program, they continue volunteering their time and efforts towards 4-H and the Santa Fe County Fair as well. Every year, they can be seen comparing notes at the pig show, taking pictures of the kids, setting up a Buyers Lunch, and presenting the annual 4-H Boosters' Scholarships.

Tamara Hurt

Nominated by: Luna County

Inducted in: 2002

A standout 4-H member, Tamara Hurt was an ambassador and state officer. After graduating from New Mexico State University, she started her own business as a certified public accountant in Deming. She has transmitted her love of 4-H to her children, Courtney and Wry, supporting them in showing livestock and competing in the Cotton Extravaganza and county fair queen contests. Still an active 4-H ambassador, she reintroduced the "This is 4-H" program to her community and has served as leader for three years. She supports a host of local organizations and was chosen to be Grand Marshal of last year's Southwestern New Mexico State Fair. On the state level, Tamara is a board member who contributes her ideas and time to increase support for 4-H.